About Us

Family the Gathering

About Us

What started as sitting around playing cards after one of us had lost our job, has turned into something that we have considered one of the greatest things to happen to us as a family!

We took what was a life changing experience for us as a family and decided to show the world and promote family unity through gaming. Namely, Magic the Gathering.

Magic the Gathering has really brought so much good into our lives and we couldn't be more happy with the community that surrounds us. We are so proud to be in the space with so many wonderful people from so many different backgrounds and cultures. 

We hope and strive to continually inspire not only other families to connect with each other, but everyone who feels they need a sense of belonging. The community in this game has been nothing short of amazing, and we have experienced nothing but kindness and acceptance.

We want to thank you so much for checking out our site and if you'd like to keep up with us, we're on all social platforms!

If you see us at an event, come say hi. We'd be glad to meet you!